Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OPB: Silent Night, Haunted Night

All I haunt for Christmas...

Here's the deal: if you like funny (dark), sexy (not so dark), brilliant paranormal mystery/romance/whatever, and you haven't read the Nikki Styx books by Terri Garey yet, stop reading this and go buy them wherever you can find them. I've been horribly remiss in reviewing any of them, and it was only a newsletter from Terri today that reminded me...what was I thinking?

In a nutshell, Nikki Styx has a near death experience (well, more like a death, but didn't stay there experience) in Dead Girls are Easy. It opens her up to seeing and hearing ghosts, and a whole lot more (A Match Made in Hell). It gets worse from there (You're the One that I Haunt) when Sammy (the original bad boy, if you know what I mean) decides to take revenge on Nikki for spurning his advances, and by the time Christmas rolls around in time for the latest--Silent Night, Haunted Night--you seriously have to wonder if Nikki's going to make it, and, more importantly, is Dr. Joe Bascombe going to be there with her. Watching the love relationship grow over the first three books is nothing to wondering if it's going to survive SNHN. And the other big characters--Nikki's best friend, Evan, especially--get better and deeper as the series goes along, too: in my mind, there's nothing more you can ask of a writer (especially one writing crossover or continuing characters) than that the characters continue to grow and get deeper and more real as the books come out. My favorite writers--Karen Rose, Marcia Muller, Lisa Gardner--they all do the same: they simply get better, the more they write. Terri Garey--although she doesn't have the same number of books under her belt as the others--is well on her way to achieving that--Nikki Styx's world gets more colorful and more real with every book.

I can't wait for the next one--bring on the bad boy himself!

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