Friday, February 15, 2013

We all love a good confession

The much anticipated, long anticipated mea culpas. Okay, so they really aren't all that exciting, probably not what you'd expect from a blog called Hearts and Handcuffs, but here goes: I lost track of what I was supposed to write. Yes, for the better part of a year and a half (actually closer to two years) I've been struggling with the damned genre. I'm a slow writer to begin with, in part because I've been splitting my time between three jobs, two of which are haphazardly available (one is freelance, the other is me working with people individually), plus the writing gig....and that, my friends, is split between erotic romance, paranormal romantic suspense, and non-fiction. You'd think I was a Gemini. At any rate, rethinking the genre eventually turned into time management. By the time I've juggled the jobs, juggling the genres becomes problematic in another way (I'm taking a break from erotic romance to concentrate on novels, finally.)

In part, the genre question came up for me because frankly, most erotic writing bores me (not my own, of course, or that of some good friends). The problem for me is that a lot of it is not done very well. It's too much about the sex and not enough about the story. And so I find that a lot of times, I just toss the book down in disgust.

This, my friends, does not bode well for an up-and-coming erotic romance writer. And it probably means that I'm not really a very good one--if I was, I could put all my personal likes/dislikes aside and just write, right? I happen to like very good stories, and where there's a romance involved, very hot sex. So that's what I write. I don't, however, particularly like stories that are written around the sex and how far we can push that envelope.

It's not that I disapprove--this is all about personal taste. I mean, come on, I also like dead bodies in my stories, not in my world, so I do see the difference between life and fiction. But...there are certain things (like BDSM) that I just don't see the appeal of, and so it's challenging. I'm in the middle of writing two different menage stories (m/f/m) and my heroines keep objecting. One man, it seems, is enough to deal with. Possibly because I know one is all she's going to end up with. Messes with the story in my head.

I'm very pleased with what I've written, don't get me wrong. But the market seems to want something different. So I'm figuring out a "plot body" that gives me a quirk on plain-old-contemporary and lets me write sex the way I want to. (My five existing stories all rely heavily on fate, but I'm not sure that's enough.) Meanwhile, I've got some novels in progress that have been languishing, so I'm going to play with those for a while.

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