Tuesday, July 9, 2013

quirky heroines: good? bad? and what kind of quirks?

I just finished reading a book I really enjoyed…but I spent a big part of the story ready to smack the heroine. Most characters need some personality quirks to help them stand out from the other characters in the book, never mind their competition. This one was quirky, although not in a way I truly appreciated.

Because of what I write, many of my characters believe in the unseen—maybe ghosts, maybe fate, maybe something else. They like offbeat music, have unusual careers, talents, and hobbies. The characters in books that I like often have that going for them as well. A sense of humor is a must. An open mind and a decent amount of courage. You know, all the easy stuff. And I don’t mind teaching my readers something new about life by throwing in a kombucha drinker or tarot reader.

How about you? Any particular traits you like to see in your heroine?

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Anonymous said...

I love when they can admit they are human and have faults at the same time being someone you can admire for their strength and guts.